2021 Stolen Barrel

The idea of Stolen Barrel came in 2015 when our winery was burgled. One of the items stolen was a one-use Bordeaux-style barrel. After a stalled police investigation, a craigslist search, and some undercover work, we managed to recover the barrel unscathed!

After barreling down our 2015 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, we had just enough of each wine to fill completely fill our "Stolen Barrel." Over the next year, it became obvious that there was something very special about this 50/50 blend. 

In 2021, we picked the Cab a little earlier than in years past to capture more vibrancy and tweaked the blend: 40% Merlot and 60% Cabernet. This version is more old world, achieving balance rather than power.

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