Terms and Conditions

  • Only those customers who can arrange to pick up their order at our physical location in Portland, OR should select the Local Pickup delivery option
  • If you mistakenly select Local Pickup, You will be contacted and asked to select another shipping option
  • You must be 21 or over to order and receive wine.
  • Due to state laws prohibiting us from shipping directly to some states, Gersing Cellars wines can be shipped to reciprocal trade states only. If your state is not a reciprocal state, please contact us directly for information on purchasing Gersing Cellars wines in your area. 
  • FedEx Ground orders destined for or via hot (over 80 degrees) or cold (less than 35 degrees) regions may be held until the weather is suitable for preserving wine quality. 
  • All wines are sold in Oregon and ownership is transferred in Oregon at the point of sale. Your order authorizes Gersing Cellars to utilize a shipping service for fulfillment of your order.
  • Gersing Cellars online pricing may differ from local retail pricing from market to market.